Atima Design is an Architectural Design Company.

We will uphold the highest level of ethics and professionalism in conducting our client assignments.

Welcome to Atima Design

Welcome to ATIMA DESIGN: An Architectural & Construction Firm with a strong commitment to be part of sustainable projects. Atima Design is a global provider of design and project delivery services with primary office in Isolo, Okota, Ikeja and Ikoyi  major Lagos, Nigerians cities, with a focus on developing built environments.

Within Nigeria, ATIMA LIMITED has been in the forefront of offering world-class services to clients who expect global standards. With a strong focus on service, the company has seen phenomenal growth over the past few years through repeat projects from existing multinational clients and exploring emerging areas like retail & hospitality.

ATIMA INDUSTRIES LIMITED has completed over 76 Designs and projects since 2002. We assign both operations and design staff to each project we perform. The result is accurate completion of client objectives. Our outlets staff and office locations provide our clients with unequalled project resources. Continual investment in our firm’s infrastructure insures our ability to meet clients’ demands.

We will uphold the highest level of ethics and professionalism in conducting our client assignments.

To listen to our clients and respect their needs. To build a project team with our clients that will provide effective results and accomplished goals. To deliver quality services through continual corporate improvement.

We attribute the success of our practice to the values that we believe in and not just to our architectural style. The highest standards of professional integrity. Transparent communications. Appropriate cost effective design solutions. Zero error quality assurance. Adherence to challenging deadlines. We believe that the built form is permanent. We, therefore, carry a responsibility not only to our clients and users of our buildings, but to the community at large.

ATIMA commits to consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our clients, customers, service providers and employees by specifically pre-defining the quality standards proactively in the services and products that we commit to deliver and shall work with passion to optimally utilize all the available resources including time, material and human resources to fulfil this commitment.

Our Policy on training is to sustain appropriate training for all our workers on form of continuous professional development. The policy also covers the appointment of subcontractors and partners.

The Code supports the organization’s core values (being most closely aligned to “Integrity is not negotiable”) and provides a link to local policies.

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