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Established in 2006, commitment to high quality has positioned us among the leading architectural practices in Nigeria ,Africa and the world at Large. Our portfolio of a variety of hundreds of projects encompasses residential, hospitality, health care, commercial, educational, leisure and institutional architecture.

Atima Design is a team of professional architects with a flair for innovative architectural & interior design. Our projects include hospitals, apartments, homes, offices, commercial, shopping centres and even a township. To us every space that we design or remodel has to have a balance of Comfort, Space Management and Designer Appeal, all within your Budget constraints. We provide architecture which satisfies the need. We believe in creating the final product that reflects your individual style, refining your ideas and suggestions with our experience and aesthetic sense to create custom-made spaces to fit your need and appeal. From one-to-one conversations to get your ideas onto paper to executing them using the latest trends, techniques and materials with the help of an experienced team of contractors that will get the project done on time and budget, you can count on dimensions to deliver ! Design square: we are Approved Surveyors of Nigeria. We have Affiliations with several premier organizations including Council of Architecture, Nigerian Institute of Architects, Institution of valuers etc.

We uphold the highest professional standard in every project we execute.

Designing, Costruction and Costing with a belief that a residential or corporate design involves not just layouts and arrangement of furniture but also the need for a design, which yields Positive Energy and leads to a prosperous Lifestyle. We would like to meet new people, design more spaces & give a new dimension to Interior Design in NIGERIA and globally.

We attribute the success of our practice to the values that we believe in and not just to our architectural style. The highest standards of professional integrity. Transparent communications. Appropriate cost effective design solutions. Zero error quality assurance. Adherence to challenging deadlines. We believe that the built form is permanent. We, therefore, carry a responsibility not only to our clients and users of our buildings, but to the community at large.

To provide guidance for employees in relation to the standards that company expects in the conduct of its operations. This also provides guidelines for employees to avoid conflict between his personal interests and the interests of the Company in the course of discharging his duties and responsibilities in his dealings with customers, suppliers or other organization or individual seeking business with the Company.

The Code supports the organization’s core Values (being most closely aligned to “Integrity is not negotiable”) and provides a link to local policies.

ATIMA commits to consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our clients, customers, service providers and employees by specifically pre defining the quality standards proactively in the services and products that we commit to deliver and shall work with passion to optimally utilize all the available resources including time, material and human resources to fulfil this commitment.

We shall endeavor to bring in continuous improvement in our people, systems, process, tools, technologies and all the other resources to meet or exceed the quality expectations of all our business partners including the employees.

Our Policy on training is to sustain appropriate training for all our workers on form of continuous professional development. The policy also covers the appointment of subcontractors and partners.

Atima enforces a strong policy of operation that is carried out at all times in such a manner that ensures and protects the health, safety and welfare of our employees(workers) on and offsite and all persons likely to be affected by its operations including the sub-contractors, the client, the community people, neighbours and the general public.

A Health and Safety Plan (HASP) is often prepared for all projects and such plan is strictly implemented. The policy also addresses the issue of environmental impact analysis, environmental protection and conservation.

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